Bringing Focus

Helping you keep unreached people
groups* the top priority.

An Effective Approach

Partnering with local believers (who already know the language and culture) to advance the gospel.

Impacting Lives

Providing sustainable livelihoods through small business initiatives.

*Unreached people groups have less than a 2% Evangelical Christian population.

Nicole, Ranch Family

Before Activate Global was a part of my life, my world was all I knew and my world was very small. Where God is moving, they move. Where God is loving, they love. Where God is serving, they serve. They have no hesitation and no excuses and I wanted to be a part of doing something!

Biman, Chicken Farmer

After taking the training, I realized that I could stand on my own two feet as a local pastor and started a chicken farm to support my family and to be an example to my fellowship.

Paul, Senior Pastor

We are so grateful to partner with Activate Global! They are relentlessly committed to reaching the unreached for Christ and the strategy to empower local workers through small business has proven effective. It’s amazing that we get to see the gospel finding its’ way into some of the most unreached areas in the world together.”

With you, people Now have access to the gospel and sustainable livelihoods:


Churches Planted


New Believers


UPGs Engaged


Active Training Teams


Businesses Started


Countries Impacted

Did you know that only 1% of all mission’s money is invested into taking the gospel to
the unreached – though it’s never been more possible than it is today?

Don’t miss our generation’s unique opportunity to advance
the gospel to the 3.15 billion people who are still waiting…

Choose Your Plan of Action:

Monthly Gift

Join our Transformation Team. A community of monthly donors who are committed to providing sustainable livelihoods for our brothers and sisters engaging the most unreached parts of the world.
Make an impact with:

$30 a month

Annual Gift

Every annual gift can empower a local believer with biblical business training and the start-up resources they need to provide for their families and engage the community with the gospel long-term.
Make an impact with:

$500 a year

One-Time Gift

Your one-time gift can equip local believers with the resources they need to kick-start their small business, generate income for their family and advance the gospel where it’s needed most.
Make an impact with:

$75 today

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