Be a part of the reason 100 disciple-makers will be sent into
the harvest field among unreached people groups for the
first time through sustainable Kingdom Businesses!

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Did you know that nearly half of the world’s population is still waiting to hear the Good News about Jesus for the first time?.

Before Jesus ascended, he gave one final command: to “go and make disciples of all nations”.

When Jesus used the phrase “all nations,” he was not referring to geopolitical nations or countries, He was referring to the Greek word “ethne” which means ethnic people groups. This includes a group of people with a shared ethnicity, language, and culture.

Today, there are about 17,000 unique people groups in the world, and yet 7,000 of them are still considered Unreached (meaning they have little to no access to hearing the gospel.)

These people have never met a Christ-follower, held a Bible, been a part of a church family, and some of them have never heard the name of Jesus.

So why are there so many people still unreached?

With over 600 million Christians today, the church is collectively donating around $47 billion dollars annually to missions to the nations.

But of the $47 billion donated, it’s estimated that 99% of all global mission funds are being used to take the gospel where it’s already present.

Meaning only 1% of ALL world mission funds are being strategically focused on taking the gospel to the 7,000 people groups who are still waiting to hear the name of Jesus, and if nothing changes…most likely never will.

​That’s called “The Great Imbalance”.
Together, we want to correct it.


For the price of a plane ticket, your gift will equip and empower a local disciple-maker to take the gospel to the Unreached. Help shape future generations to come through this one-time gift of a sustainable Kingdom Business!

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Our team has a monthly day of fasting and prayer! We end this day with a 1 hour prayer call on Zoom to pray together, hear from field partners from around the world and learn ministry details from the Activate team. We would be so glad to have you join us whenever and however you can!

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Want to learn more about how you can pursue the fulfillment of the Great Commission among the Unreached right where you are? We’d love for you to consider joining our Ambassador Program – a 12 week cohort training in order to grow in community, learn God’s heart for the nations, and discover how you can mobilize people to God’s mission in your sphere of influence! Fill out our form to get connected.

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